Ayanna Robinson, PhD, MPH is a maternal and child health advocate and an award-winning public health professional experienced in research, program development and implementation, and program evaluation. In 2016, she founded Black Girls’ Breastfeeding Club, LLC. (BGBC). Her breastfeeding research, published in Digital Health and Journal of Human Lactation, applied Black Feminist Theory to explored the breastfeeding experience and outcomes of Black mothers who participate in mom-to-mom support groups on Facebook.

meet the founder

As a public health researcher and evaluator who is experienced in qualitative and quantitative methods, she is committed to conducting research and translating that research into innovative, evidence-informed initiatives and products that promote health equity and amplifies the voices of and improves the health outcomes for historically marginalized communities.

Through BGBC, Dr. Robinson has participated in community events for mothers, discussions with college and high school students, partnered and served as a consultant with other maternal health organizations and on various research projects, and developed resources and educational tools. Decreasing the maternal morbidities and mortalities of and improving breastfeeding rates among Black mothers are the areas of public health that Dr. Robinson is most passionate about. bEarth Work is an extension of her passion and experience working in maternal and child health.