bEarth Work connects Black women and birthing individuals to online classes taught by Black birthworkers and health professionals. The classes cover everything from preconception to postpartum, including birth preparation, breastfeeding, and more. Learn from experienced professionals like doulas and lactation consultants who will prepare you for birth, breastfeeding, and beyond. 

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Everyone deserves a happy and healthy pregnancy and postpartum period. Our purpose is to increase access to high-quality prenatal and postpartum education and support through virtual classes and support.

We understand that Black women face unique challenges when it comes to accessing high quality and individualized maternity care and support. We are committed to closing the gap and providing a safe and supportive community. bEarthwork is more than just an app - it's a movement. We offer a range of resources and tools, including online education and peer support, and expert advice, to help Black women succeed in their maternal health journey.

Through our community of experts and commitment to empowering Black women, we're making a positive impact on the world and positioning ourselves as leaders in the maternal health tech space. At bEarthwork, we're proud to be for Black women, by Black women, and we're here to support and uplift you along your journey. 

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Ayanna Robinson, PhD, MPH is a maternal and child health advocate and an award-winning public health professional experienced in research, program development and implementation, and program evaluation. In 2016, she founded Black Girls’ Breastfeeding Club, LLC. (BGBC). Her breastfeeding research, published in Digital Health and Journal of Human Lactation, applied Black Feminist Theory to explored the breastfeeding experience and outcomes of Black mothers who participate in mom-to-mom support groups on Facebook.

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Supporting black mamas one pregnancy at a time

"I gained so much information from this course. My knowledge of the childbirth process was limited and after taking this course I feel a lot more confident. I loved how the course was individualized; it felt as if I was talking to a friend! I would highly recommend this course for all expectant mothers!"
— Maria


We're looking for knowledgeable and experienced midwives, doulas, lactation professionals, and other birth professionals who are passionate about improving the maternal health outcomes of Black women and birthing individuals. If you're interested in becoming an instructor on bEarth Work and extending your reach and impact, please contact us today to learn more.

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